September 30, 2009

Working on the blog

So I have been doing some work to the blog, and still have some more to come. I have some ideas and am going to try to implement them. So some of you more adept bloggers might be getting some heckling questions and comments from me trying to figure out how to do things. I have not been shooting too much lately, but am going to try and change that. I am going to get to see my first roll of film I shot with my little old Duaflex IV this weekend, so I am stoked about that. Hope that you like the changes when they are completely done, should look a lot better and cleaner, we shall see.

I finally got all my stuff worked on and submitted to CPOY. So I won't leave here without putting up at least one picture. This is an old one, but it is the one that I am kind of banking on to get me something for CPOY. Fingers crossed. It is a mortician I shot last year and I took it from my neck. No look, all luck.

I just got the big picture thing to work, but I think it was a fluke. I tried it a few other times, and with a few other pictures, and even that one that worked another time, and it was huge. It just kept dominating the entire screen. If anyone knows what is going on and has a few tips, they would be much appreciated. Then on top of that, my font keeps changing color and won't change back. I hope that it is jut this particular post that is totally messed up and not my html for the site. That could be bad. We shall see I guess, we shall see.

Take it easy


Anonymous said...

Your blog is looking good.

Erica McKeehen said...

i am flattered that you have chosen to link me to the side... however my last name does need some improvement.


yay for blogs.

Tyler Sutherland said...

haha, thanks for the help by the way Ryan, fixed all my links.
And Erica, it has been repaired, that "H" really through me through a loop, haha.