January 7, 2015


Pictures I thought were gone and lost from that one time I almost got washed away in a rainstorm with Mac.

January 14, 2014

Been a while

Life has been nothing short of hectic, and my camera has been collecting a lot of dust. Lets see if I can't change that.

Take it easy

October 4, 2013

So I shot this wedding a while ago...

And they were all pretty into guns. Thought I lost the pictures, but found where they were hiding. Glad they turned up.

Take it easy

September 30, 2013

Dug up

Found one hiding in the hard drives. I wish I ate a sandwich there.

Take it easy

September 3, 2013


Everything in our life has time limits, no matter what it is is, it won't last forever. It is just an unfortunate reality, yet also helps to keep things new, different, and interesting. Sometimes however, those time limits are far too short, and you know it before it even begins. How can you truly enjoy someone, reach out and get to know them, when before even meeting them you know you won't see them in two weeks? How can you allow yourself to open up to someone when they are just a blip on the radar in the span that is your entire life? I ask myself these things, yet in the end smile and laugh, for the question I ask myself is one that I have been practicing for years, yet still feels like a new, painful concept.

Take it easy