August 4, 2009

Big ol' update

Made the black and white shot first just for you James. :P

Wheeeeew. It has been a long and stressful week. And there is still so much more to do. I have a lot left to shoot, and a lot more that I want to do while in Scotland. I am just hoping I can get it all done. Going to be shooting for 13 hours tomorrow, and then hopefully a lot more this weekend. If all goes according to plan, I will have 2 of my 3 stories done, as well as the third well on its way by the end of tomorrow. Then all I have to focus on is my documentary. If that goes through I will feel so good, so much less stress. I can just put all my energy into one thing, one idea, and nail it.

But to explain the images. The first picture, and second section, is from a re-enactment I went to. Those guys were really nice, and goofy dudes. I also met up with Colin while out on Aaran. You will see a picture of him later. He is a great dude, and gave me a place to sleep, food, as well as how to have a great time while on the island. The second bit is from a falconry that I went to today. I am really stoked with some of the stuff I got from that. Wish I would have thought outside the box a bit more, but still glad with what I got. The last bit there is a sword smith in downtown Edinburgh. There are 2 guys, and they make really nice replica blades. I was thinking of getting one, and still might just do that as long as I can afford it.

This will probably the last update while still in Scotland. Nice big one once I get back.

Take it easy

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