July 26, 2009

Been a while

Well it has been nearly a week since I posted. For that I apologize. It has been quite a busy week. Trying to get a lot of contacts in line for stories and what not. The stress is setting in. I have 3 weeks left here. I have 20 singles, one documentary, and 3 stories to shoot. I have started one story.... thats it. Terry tells me not to worry, and that it will all fall into place, but how could I NOT worry. O well, I will figure it out.

Was going to shoot a guy that makes swords Tuesday, but that fell through. Apparently we are traveling to Dundee. Sounds fun, but wish I would have known about that BEFORE I scheduled a shoot with a guy, especially one that is so essential to my documentary. Starting to prepare for my adventure to Aaran this weekend, and that is stressful as well. I cannot find a place that is cheaper than 25 pounds a night, or $50. There is no way I can afford that. So we will see how it works out, whether that means I only eat pasta for a week, or if I find something a bit cheaper.

It will all work out, it always does. But that does not mean I shouldn't worry, because I am really good at worrying. The bowling pictures, or the guys that look like they are playing really intense boccie ball, is the story I have started working on. I like the start, but I still have a lot of work left to do to it. The o so fabled stress of the Scotland adventure is beginning to set in, and I am not a fan of it. I will probably put these up again later when I have time to tone them better.

On a side note, Matt Smith died Saturday night, he was a high school buddy of mine. Rest in peace Matt, and my thoughts are with you and your family in this sad time.

Take it easy


James Roh said...

dude, I am really impressed. Keep it up

Drew Angerer said...

I love the third photo. I sat in those empty chairs.