May 22, 2008

TLC Scrap day 2

So I went back to TLC scrap, it was interesting.  I got some good stuff because of how bad the ground was, it was literally a swamp.  My shoes are still drying out and that was 2 days ago.  But at the same time, I could not move fast and did not get nearly as many of the angles or shot that I wanted, I was really frustrated.  And on top of that I locked my keys in my car, luckily though Tom used to steal cars, so he got it open for me with a mere block of wood and clothes hanger.  I didn't know if it was going past my ethics having him help me out, but he insisted and would not hear of having me be charged $75 by a towing company, so whatever. O yea, and the proper way to spell America..... F-O-R-D.  yup


gunsandmotorcycles said...

Nice pics! I particalarly liked the last one.

Angela Wilhelm said...

The blog's lookin' good Tyler! I really like the second picture.

pete costanzo said...

Love the shots Tyler - particularly the TLC days. It seems Athens is treating you well (it has that effect on everyone who attends OU)

Hope all is well - keep up the great work.