September 15, 2010

Dr. Bauer

I have been archiving lately. Digging through all my old pictures and hating myself for not making a workable intelligent archive until now. So there is tons of fun going through about 2 years worth of images that are scattered to who knows where. I have come across some goofy ones that I forgot about, the good files of ones I could never hope to find, and ones like the one above where I am glad I have a camera.

Its been right about a year now since Dr. Bauer died, and I am glad I have this picture to remember that night the entire school mourned his death. He was an amazing man in more ways than I could put into words, and was a solid foundation when I needed it most during my senior year at his school. I always regret never having taken a picture with him, but even though I don't have that, at least this can remind me how much he meant to so many people, and that I was not the only person whose life he affected so greatly.

Take it easy

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