July 25, 2010


Some of my favorites from shooting MMA for a few days. Hung out with guys that were prepping up for a fight last night as an assignment. It was a blast, and the guys are awesome. Played around with the ring flash too, never really used it in any serious capacity, and I think there are some slight modifications that need to be done. By far coolest assignment yet.

Take it easy


Erica McKeehen said...

great opportunity for your ring flash, methinks.

and great job with the assignment, tyler! looks awesome.

Dustin Lennert said...

NICE man. My brother is an MMA, so I'm hoping to shoot a match some time - these photos are great - like the portraits a lot. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

It was great to have you around Tyler the shots are awesome!!! Everyone I showed them too was really impressed. Youre welcome at New Body anytime! Photography is something I have always been interested in, planning on taking some classes myself actually this fall. Any pointers for a beginner?? Im getting my first camera before the next fights! Thanks again for the great work! Sincerely, Mrs. Amanda Schulz
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