February 9, 2010


Sorry for not following up on my goal of posting twice a week. My computer decided to die on me and was out of commission for almost 2 weeks. So I didn't do much shooting or posting to the blog. But now that I saved over $2,000 from Apple Care, and now have my computer back, I am determined to post more often. However, I digress.

This is Baker, we made some beer on Saturday, along with about half a dozen other guys. 60 or so gallons of Imperial Stout. It took the better part of the day. Sadly, it is not all mine, we split it up among the Brew Crew. The Brew Crew is a club that I am a member of that is dedicated to making your own beer, wine, and mead. We brew almost every week, and it is a great way to enjoy some tasty brews and have a good time. I am really excited about the Imperial, we are going to age it in an old oak barrel that was used for whiskey and wine. Should add some interesting flavors to it. Those guys aren't used to the fact that I carry my camera around on me a ton, so hopefully when they get used to it I can get some sweet brewing frames. I really enjoy doing it, and have learned so much from brewing with those guys.

Take it easy

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Jonathan Crosby said...

yum... can't wait to sample upon return. rad frame man, keep em coming!