December 10, 2009

Turkey Day

Holidays are fantastic. I get to hang out with my family, however many show up. This year my grandpa got a wii, and we played around on that for a while. Once I figure out how to get a decent picture of someone playing a video game I will put it up here. And I found out that my Grandpa is better at virtual ski jump than I am, don't know how to take that. And of course no turkey day is complete without some Black Friday hunting. Didn't see anything, but my grandpa has already taken down a 12 point buck, which for those of you non-hunters out there, that is quite a snag. So maybe next time we go out I will get lucky and snag my first deer.

This year we had some fantastic ham at turkey day, and some turkey as well. There was way too much pie, and I had to have packed on 10 pounds before leaving my Grandma's. A new tradition was started last year, and has continued on, which is putting up the Christmas tree after dinner. It is a blast, makes it so my grandma dosen't have to deal with it, and we get to put up some really beautiful ornaments, such as the Charlie Daniel's Band 8-track. O yea. Good times, can't wait until Christmas. Still looking for my 20 dollar gift...

Take it easy

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sillysylvie11 said...

hey tyler! your photos are beautiful, and I love your film piece as well! keep doin what you are doin, and hopefully I will see you around sometime!