October 21, 2008

Wild Card

So yesterday was pretty interesting. We were supposed to review portfolios, but instead we had Larry Towell come in and speak for about half an hour and got to leave early. Then he had a presentation in the Baker Theater later in the evening, which was very interesting. He presented his photography with experimental music, poems, and narration. It was cool and intriguing. His story about how he became a photographer was really sweet too. He just kind of fell into it, and is now a world famous photographer. I think that is inspiring. His work was amazing, and I ended up purchasing his new book From My Front Porch. It is about his home, land, and all of his findings in his land and collections. It is pretty interesting, but I kind of wish I would have gotten the book about the Mennonites. O well, that is what Amazon is for right?

On the flip side, we were going to look at portfolios and talk about what was lacking and what to shoot for our wildcard assignment that is due Wednesday. Since I got no feedback, I kind of just went feature hunting how I normally do, which is driving around until I see people, getting out of my car and taking pictures. So I went to somewhere near Parkersburg, I think, and found this group of guys fishing. At first they thought I worked for the state and was going to get them in trouble, because you are not supposed to fish right now, but they warmed up to me pretty quick and I hung out with them for an hour or so. Cool guys.

Take it easy

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Cayce Clifford said...

Hey Tyler, great work man. Your dawn to dusk stuff is great and the photos for your deadline assignment came out well!